DIY mason jar terrarium

I love house plants, they add such life and warmth to a home. However my thumb is more black than green, so terrariums are the perfect solution.

you will need:
an over sized mason jar
small rocks
potting soil
activated charcoal
small plants (succulents work great)

Line the bottom of the jar with rocks, I used two sizes - large first, then smaller pebbles. Sprinkle a small layer of activated charcoal over the stones. (Activated charcoal can be found in the aquarium section of any pet store.) Add a few inches of potting soil. Gently tuck the plants into the soil. This was difficult because the mouth of the jars were narrower than the jars themselves, but with some patience I got the plants positioned where I wanted them. Keep terrarium in indirect light, and water sparingly when soil is dry.

I think these turned out great, and add such interest to our bookshelves :)